The Chronicles of Caledain

1st-2nd of Rainsfall

The Freyish army emerged from the pass, filling the bottom of the valley. The Duke’s forces quickly took up position behind their hastily-constructed defences and prepared to fight, with the adventurers taking their places amongst them.

A herald was sent from the King to parley with the Duke, but the adventurers were too far away to hear what was said. However, they saw the herald leave, and upon returning to his own lines, part of the royal army advanced.

A wave of soldiers was sent up the slope towards the Duke’s forces who prepared to meet their charge. As they closed, Maskim created a magical wall of flame in front of him that shielded the companions and the soldiers close to them from the full force of the attack. A savage melee ensued, and the royal forces started to push back the Duke’s men by sheer force of numbers. However, this wave was made up of mercenaries and poorly-armed conscripts, and although the fighting was fierce, the Duke’s casualties were minimal, while the royal troops were cut down in vast numbers. Unable to make further headway, and with their casualties mounting, the King’s army retreated.

While the battle had been raging the royal army has set up camp in the valley below, and night fell with the two opposing armies watching each other warily as they rested.

The next morning, it was barely light before the royal army made its next assault. Again it sent a wave of mercenaries and conscripts, and again Maskim created a wall of flame to protect himself and his companions. This time though, he found himself being countered by an elvish mercenary sorcerer. While Mirann and Vanator protected him, Maskim cast an illusion spell instead, spreading confusion through the enemies nearby. After some savage fighting, the Royal Army was again driven into retreat with heavy losses.

The next wave of soldiers consisted of the professional troops, knights and their entourages, and again battle was joined. The companions fought heroically, and once more the royal army took heavy losses as they attempted to storm the makeshift barricades and shallow ditches. The Royal Army was again on the point of retreating, when the royal banner advanced, and the adventurers saw the Freyish king himself, wearing silver armour and a tall silver crown, marching up the slope towards them. He was surrounded by a bodyguard of bulky, ferocious-looking men in red plate armour, armed with huge axes, and was heading straight for the Duke’s position.



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