The Chronicles of Caledain

2nd of Rainsfall (Continued)

The full might of the Freyish army now crashed into the Duke’s forces, driving them back from their makeshift defences and inflicting serious losses.

This time it wasn’t conscripts and mercenaries, but the flower of Freyish chivalry, accompanied by their retinues of professional troops. The adventurers fought heroically, felling a number of opponents, even Mirann, armed only with a dagger, giving a good account of herself.

Having defeated all the enemy soldiers nearby, they saw the Duke and his retinue being hard-pressed by the Freyish king and his bodyguard, which both Vanator and Maskim recognised as being members of the Red Hands of Ouroch, a military order with a ferocious reputation. Nonetheless they attacked, and even succeeded in killing two of the Ourochians, although not without injury.

However, they suddenly found themselves face to face with the Freyish king himself, heavily armoured and wielding 2 swords. He seemed to recognise Vanator, and revealed that there was no trace left of the personality of the real king. He told them that his name was Baelshannurpal, demonlord of the Void, and informed them that their world would be drowned in blood and fire, and that every soul upon it would be dragged into the Void for the entertainment and sustenance of its denizens.

Weary and wounded, and without the benefit of their lost magical weapons, the companions moved to attack, the king moved to meet them, and the fate of Caledain hung in the balance.



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