The Chronicles of Caledain

2nd of Rainsfall (Continued Further)

Vanator attacked, but was parried with contemptuous ease. Maskim rushed in, but his blow merely glanced off the king’s armour. The king then lashed out, breaking Maskim’s elbow with a single blow and wounding Vanator with a cut from the sword in his other hand. Mirann charged in, but the king avoided her with startling speed.

Vanator attacked again, and again his blows failed to land. Maskim staggered back in agony, his right arm hanging useless at his side. The king hacked again at Vanator who managed to parry one blow, but was sorely wounded by the next. Mirann darted in again aiming a mighty slash at the king’s face. It should have been a grievous wound, the keenly honed blade merely glanced off the possessed monarch’s face, leaving not even a mark.

Vanator kept up his attack but was fended off easily. Maskim tried sorcery, casting a magical dart at the king, but the runes on his armour glowed briefly and the spell was dissipated. The king turned his attention to Mirann. She dodged his first blow but was unable to avid the second, and the king’s blade plunged deep into her, inflicting horrific damage. She attempted to counter, but hampered by her injuries was unable to do so.

The situation seemed bleak, when they heard a high-pitched battle-cry, and to their astonishment saw Agglack the Goblin charge at the king, armed with the Sword of Ashcaelil! Agglack managed to wound the king with his blow, the ancient elvish sword glowing with power.

Vanator attacked again, this time seeking to attack the Crown of Hesketh and knock it from the king’s head, but slowed by his wounds, failed to do so. Maskim rushed in with his shield, smashing it into the King who, although undamaged, nonetheless was sent staggering back. Agglack attacked again with the Sword of Ashcaelil, once more wounding the possessed monarch.

Now Vanator and Mirann tried to knock the Crown from the king’s head while Maskim continuously battered the king with his shield, knocking him to the ground and keeping him off-balance. This allowed Agglack to close with the enchanted sword. Even off-balance and reeling under this multi-sided attack, the king fought furiously, inflicting several more savage wounds. Weakened by their injuries, Mirann and Vanator were unable to get past the King’s defences and strike the Crown, while Maskim’s blows, mighty as they were, were nonetheless unable to inflict any actual damage. Even Agglack struggled to get past the king’s defence, and even then had to contend with the heavy plate armour that he wore.

Eventually, Mirann succeeded in knocking the Crown from the king’s head, and Vanator kicked it away down the slope of the ridge. The king seemed undiminished by the loss of his crown, and continued to fight ferociously. Vanator was wounded again, and fell unconscious to the ground, bleeding heavily from his many injuries. Mirann was also on the verge of collapsing, but with Maskim keeping the king distracted and off balance with continuous strikes of his shield, Agglack was finally able to land a lethal blow. The king screamed horribly, his body arching and convulsing. A cloud of shadowy black smoke flowed from his mouth, curling ion the air before flowing down the hill and into the Crown of Hesketh, where it lay beside a fallen soldier. The king of Freymont was no more, and Baelshannurpal had been banished back into the ancient Elvish crown.

News of the king’s death rippled across the battlefield, disheartening his followers and spurring the Duke’s forces to fresh efforts. The royal army swiftly collapsed, retreating back down the slope. Meanwhile, the companions secured the Crown.

Agglack demanded it as his rightful due for slaying the king, but Maskim explained to him that it was possessed, so the goblin contented himself with looting the king’s corpse of other valuables.

Barely able to believe that they had won, the Duke’s forces returned wearily to their camp, to exhausted even to celebrate. The adventurers, along with Agglack, also returned to the camp, and slumped down to sleep.



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