The Chronicles of Caledain

3rd of Rainsfall

The next day, the Duke’s army slept late, but eventually roused themselves, somewhat refreshed. The party were a little recovered, but found that Agglack had disappeared during the night. Much of the remnants of the Royal Army had melted away during the night, leaving only a small force in the bottom of the valley. This sent out a party of emissaries to negotiate with the Duke, and they agreed to lay down their arms and return to their homes.

Shortly after this was agreed, drums were heard to the north, and a new army appeared. However, this turned out to be the army of the Arborish godswar which had marched south from the Freyish capital to try and intercept the Royal Army. The leaders of this army also came to talk with the Duke of Ironstone. Arldis Carribannus was also accompanying the army of the godswar, and he took the adventurers aside to learn what had happened.

He was pleased with the news that the Freyish king had been slain, and agreed that the Crown needed to be kept somewhere secure. He warned that destroying it would mere release the very powerful demon trapped inside, and slightly reluctantly agreed to take the Crown with him and find somewhere safe to keep it.

He then asked the adventurers what their next move would be. Mirann was happy to return home, but Vanator and Maskim wanted to find out what had happened to Kurdesh and the High Elves, and Carribannus agreed that this was probably a good idea. He bustled off to arrange for equipment for them, and sent them a healer who tended to their injuries, including Maskim’s broken arm. Once they’d been re-armed and resupplied, they found the Duke’s chancellor, who agreed to lend them horses.

As they rode out of the camp, they were met by Agglack, who’d spent the night away from the camp. They then rode eastwards towards the village of Creely, where Vanator knew there was a route down into the tunnels below.



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