The Chronicles of Caledain

8th of Rainsfall (Cont.)

Having taken a few moments to mourn Mirann’s death, they continued their search of the large, well-furnished sitting room in which they found themselves. While doing this, they heard hammering at one of the doors leading from the room, and shouting in Freyish. Cautiously opening the door, they found a human prisoner, a Freyish soldier by the name of Byron Lake, who had been captured by the elves whilst riding with a message from Ironstone to the Duke’s army.

He told them that he had been imprisoned in the room for maybe two days, and that recently he had heard a massive commotion, screams and the sound of fighting. Having searched the rooms and finding nothing of interest or value, they left, taking Byron with them.

Moving deeper into the palace, they found what appeared to be an armoury and training room. Here they found the body of a single armoured elf, surrounded by dead orcs and gnolls, his armour rent in multiple places. Byron took a longsword from the armoury, but there was nothing else here to investigate, so once more they moved on.

At the end of the corridor, they found a large set of double doors, broken open, and through them they entered into a huge banqueting hall. This was the scene of a massive and vicious battle, and dead elves, orcs, gnolls and goblins lay scattered everywhere. Many of the orcs and goblins showed signs of having been killed by magic. Searching the bodies, they found no-one left alive here.

However, Byron, moving through the carnage came across the body of a large, armoured human, lying in what had clearly been the thickest part of the fighting, grievously wounded and badly burnt. Despite this, and the length of time that had past since he last saw him, Byron identified him as Sir Cyrden of Elmarsh, father of his own lord, who had been thought lost during an expedition into the Deepwood to fight the orcs. The others came over, and realised that this was the body of Kurdesh, who had finally fallen in battle.

Moving through the banqueting hall, they entered another corridor, and presently came to what appeared to be a large library and study. Here they found an elf, armed and armoured, poring over a scroll on a desk. He turned to them as they came in, and Vanator recognised him as Gwydreathlaestion Faramaeril, the elvish prince who had sent himself, Fred, Keskiyo, Rib and Luthien on the quest to find the Crown of Hesketh. The elf’s sanity had clearly been affected by the collapse of his plans, the invasion of his home and the massacre of his people. He recognised Vanator, blaming him for everything that had happened. He then moved forwards to attack.



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