The High Council of Arborland

The ruling council of the kingdom of Arborland.


Advisors to the king of Arborland, and made up of the most prestigious and important individuals in the kingdom the current make up of the Council is:

Lord Chancellor Ostric
Lord Secretary Leiman
Baron Cerrin Eisenbrand Knight Marshall of Arborland (Currently commander in chief of the defence of the city of Highwatch)
Cardinal Marnidas of Auric
Osran Longhand, Knight Commander of the High Templars.
Servia, Arch-Cleric Of Hesketh
Philemon, Grand Master of the Order of the Staff.
Arch-Deacon Morion of Marnoss
Abbot Orthbrune, Abbot of Grey Friars.
Varena Tokpik, head of the Arborian Grave Guard (Currently absent)
Bishop Gormon, Chief priest of Secnest
Midias Ordont, Head of the Merchants Guild (Currently absent)
Cadmon Green, Captain of the River Watch. (Missing)
Magellan DiMaggio, Arch-Chancellor of the High College.

With the death of Leodan VI, and some years before his son. Leodan VII reaches his majority, the High Council is now the highest authority in the kingdom, and rules in the young king’s stead.

The High Council of Arborland

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