Walter Ordont

The spoilt son of the head of the Merchants' Guild


Walter Ordont is the only son of Midias Ordont, and has been brought up spoilt and selfish.

He fell foul of the adventurers when he bought some stolen jewelry from the thief and gave it to his then-sweetheart, claiming he’d had it made specially. The adventurers threatened to expose him, and he led them to an out of the way tavern and tried to have them killed, but failed. He told them what he knew, and they let him go.

More recently, Walter once again encountered the comrades while he was stealing sacks of flour from a warehouse during the siege, planning to sell it on the black market. He was spotted during the skirmish in the hideout, but managed to flee through a secret door in the cellar.

He fled to Kurdesh’s camp, where he offered to show him the secret way into the city. However, this offended Kurdesh’s sense of honour, and instead he turned Ordont over to the adventurers to take back to the city. Here he was given over to the authorities.

When the companions left Highwatch to join the Godswar, they saw Ordont’s decapitated head on a spike above the city gate. Animated by a demonic entity, it taunted them before falling silent.


Walter Ordont

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