The Sword of Ashcaelil

A long, single-handed sword with an ornate hilt and rune-carved blade, it is light, and slightly warm to the touch.

weapon (melee)

+5 Attack bonus against demons.

Magic weapon, so it can strike demons, ghosts and other incorporeal creatures.


This sword was created by Ashcaelil, one of the last Sorcerer-Lords of the Shining Empire, and created as a bane of demons. Recovered from the dungeons beneath the ruins of the Tower of Ashcaelil deep within the Witchwood, it was wielded by Frederick Alsename until he was killed by cultists of Slesh.

It was recovered when the cult was destroyed, and wielded by Luthien until she too fell. It is currently in the hands of Konrad Fucius.

The Sword of Ashcaelil

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