A Caledanian Cosmologie

A Caledainian Cosmologie

The Creation
In the beginning there was naught but Chaos, formless, pointless without sense or shape.

Then The Creator took the Chaos, and gave it form, and gave it time, and set out the rules by which it would exist. He made the world, and the heavens, the Sun and Moon and Stars.

Then he made the Animals and the Plants, and spread them across the World, and made the races, the Elves and Dwarves, Goblins and Men, and he spread them across the world as well.

And he looked upon his Creation and saw that it was Good.

But the races bred and multiplied, and the World became crowded, for there was no Death. They warred with one another and with themselves and great were the hurts, and terrible the crimes that were committed but still there was no death.

Creatures starved and thirsted, and bore horrific injuries inflicted by others, but there was no Death, and the races continued to war and sin and hate.

And The Creator looked upon his Creation, and was appalled.

The First Gods

The Creator decided to make stewards for his World, who would look after it, and keep the races in check, and so he made the Gods.

First was created Marnoss, who is Law. He would bring the Law to the peoples, that they might know what was permitted, and what was denied, and He would bring swift and terrible Retribution on those who would transgress the Law.

Second was made Secnest, who is Death. She would bring sweet relief to the sufferings of all creatures, and welcome them into her arms to let them sleep the endless sleep, and dream the endless dream until the end of Time.

Third was made Hesketh, who is Knowledge. He would teach the races wisdom, and give them writing and sorcery. He would make of them diplomats and scholars and sorcerers, to ease the burdens of their fellows, and protect them from the transgressions of others.

Last was made Ulna, who is Nature. She would divide the world with oceans and seas, and divide the lands with rivers, splitting up the warring races, and feeding them with fish. She would blow cleansing winds through the air, and sprinkle rain upon the crops.

And having appointed his Stewards, the Creator withdrew from the world to watch from a distance and interfere with it no more.

And governed by Law, and relieved of their cares by Death, succoured by Knowledge and fed by Nature, the races lived and died. Wars still were fought, but they were small. Crimes were still committed but they were punished. People still starved but their pains had an ending.

The Young Gods

Marnoss the Grim in time took a wife, and by her was given twin sons, Auric who is Courage, and Ouroch who is Strength. He appointed them to be the protectors of the weak, and the punishers of the wicked.

Secnest in time took a husband, and by him bore a daughter, Alesha who is Peace. She sent Alesha out to heal the woes of men, and bring an end to their strife.

Hesketh in time took a wife, and by her had two sons, Melchi who is Cunning, Wissan who is Craftsmanship, and a daughter, Wessa, who is Art. He appointed them to teach the races trade, music and the art of crafting.

Ulna in time took a husband, and by him bore a daughter, Cernnuna who is the Hunter. She appointed her to watch over the animals of the forests, hunters and hunted alike, and to guard travellers far from home.

These tasks they did, and the world turned many times. Auric and Alesha fell in love and were married, and the heavens were glad for them.

The Crimes of Ouroch

Ouroch the Strong had been appointed to protect the weak by his father Marnoss, and his strength was indeed great, as was his great ferociousness in battle. As time passed, Ouroch began to relish the thrill of bloodshed far more than the act of guarding the innocent.

In time, Ouroch came to despite the weak, who were not strong enough to protect what was theirs, and came to believe that the strong were born to rule. He took what he wished from them, and they could not protect themselves.

Marnoss came to hear of this, and was wrathful with Ouroch. “Look at your brother Auric,” he said, “He does as I ask and uses his great courage for the defence of those who cannot defend themselves. Be like him, and do not stray again.”

This made Ouroch bitter and jealous, and his love for his brother, once great became a festering hatred.

Ouroch learnt that Auric was away, having a sword made for him by Wissan, so he went to Auric’s castle. He slew the guards and butchered the servants and finally came upon Alesha. He over-powered her and raped her.

Melchi the Cunning had seen this though, and went with the speed of thought to Auric who was inspecting his new blade. When Auric heard of his brother’s crimes, he sped home and came upon him standing over the violated Alesha.

In a rage, he threw himself at his twin, and the two brothers fought with all the ferocity and strength and skill they could muster.

Finally, Auric’s new and powerful blade shattered the axe of Ouroch, who fled bearing many savage wounds.

The gods heard of Ouroch’s crimes, and it was agreed that he should be banished to a far corner of the Heavens, never to return to the Court of the Gods.

Slesh, the Laughing God

Out of this violent union, Alesha bore a son. Auric would have killed him, or at least banished him with his father, but Alesha refused.

She named him Slesh who is Laughter, and he grew up amongst the gods happy and joyful.

As he grew though, he became cruel. As a child he would hurt small animals to make them squeal, and hurt the other children to make them cry, and his beautiful golden laughter would ring out to see their pain.

Auric, seeing the evil in him sent him to Hesketh in the hope that in his wisdom he could cure him of his darkness.

Hesketh determined to temper cruelty with knowledge and asked the child what he wished to learn.
“Teach me the knowledge of herbs and potions, and of healing and surgery” Slesh replied, and
Hesketh was glad, for he thought that Slesh was cured.

He taught him all there was to learn of the arts of alchemy and herb-lore, or surgery and the arts of healing, and was well-pleased with his pupil.

Then, he happened upon some notes left upon a table by Slesh, and reading them his heart grew cold. Not for healing the relief of suffering did Slesh study. He learnt herb-lore and alchemy so that he might make poisons and venoms that killed or blinded or brought on fits, and he studied anatomy and surgery in order to make his tortures all the more agonising.
Hesketh confronted him in a rage, but Slesh simply laughed his beautiful golden laugh, and fled from the Court of the Gods to live with his father.

The Void, Its Ruler and Her Children

While the Creator fashioned the world, others watched on with envious eyes. They looked at this world he had created, with its form and shape, time and matter and were jealous and angry.

The greatest of these, and mother to the rest was the being whose name is not known and must not be spoken, but who is called Mistress Chaos, and Queen of Madness, and Mother of Demons.

Beneath her were the endless numbers of her brood, the demons of the void, who craved light and shape, and drifted around the world like moths around a flame. They searched for a way into this world of matter and light, but did not find one, so instead they waited and watched, biding their time and hatching their plans.

Upon the world, the Elves grew to dominance over all others, their empire stretching from the ice-bound mountains of the north to the scorching deserts of the south. In their arrogance,
they scorned the gods, and proclaimed themselves living deities.

The demons allowed themselves to be summoned by the elves, and served them. They allowed themselves to be bound into objects and were used by the elves, and only a very few saw what was happening.

Then when enough of them had been brought into the world, they threw off their servitude and turned upon their masters, and the earth ran red with blood and fire.

But the demons had been impatient, and they were still too few. In their first, last and only Alliance, the Elves and Dwarves joined forces, and banished the demons from the world, sending them screaming back into the void.

Now they wait and circle and plot and brood, waiting for another chance, determined this time that they shall make no more mistakes. They shall either own the world or they shall destroy it, and return it back into the swirling Chaos of the Void

A Caledanian Cosmologie

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