On the Kingdoms of Men

The Young Kingdoms were originally forged from the barbarian tribes living in the lightly wooded plains nestled between the mountain range known as The Giants, and between the thick wall of trees that marks the northern edges of the Great Forest.

The area had once been part of the near-continent spanning Elven Empire, but when the Empire collapsed, barbarians living in The Giants moved south into the newly-unoccupied land. There were long wars against the goblins and orcs coming up from the south, but eventually, they were driven back into the deep forests.

The tribal territories gradually coalesced into seven Kingdoms, Frankost, in the northwest, Morrent in the west, Casterland in the southwest, Freymont in the middle, Harrowhold in the north, Arborland in the east, and across the straits of the Narrow Sea, the island kingdom of Alliander. Until recently, all seven were feudal kingdoms, in which the crown grant lands to lords, who grant it to their knights, who grant it to their tenants, in return for taxes and military service. However, Harrowhold is now a Commonwealth, ruled by a military dictator, committees organise people on a local level and the army is a professional standing force.

The Free City of Fallowmire

On the Kingdoms of Men

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