On the Reckoning of Days, Months and Years

The Caledainian calendar consists of ten months of 36 days each.

Years are reckoned from the investiture of the first Overpriest of Cassia, widely recognised as the representative of all of the gods on Caledain. The current year is 1456. In the Young Kingdoms, years are also often reckoned within countries by the lives of monarchs i.e The ninth year of the reign of King Darien III.

Month Festivals
Winterdeep 1st: Allgods, 3rd: Vassalmass, 6th: Hammerstide
Thawing 15th: Watchmoon 30th: Beastentide
Rainsfall (Also called Tideswell in coastal regions) 21st: Tidesgreeting
Planting 22nd: Allsalve
Waxing 9th: Harpsong
Zenith 1st: Boughsbright, 21st: Gildentide, Gildenight
Reaping 30th: Wheatsmass
Leafall 33rd: Childesnight
Waning 30th: Soothspeak 35th: Demonsdark
Nightlong 1st: Lampesnight, 13th: Flensing, 36th: Scrivenstide, Bullsblood


Allgods The first day of the new year, and a time of feasting and celebration, in which the tale of the creation of Caledain is retold, and all the gods (with the exception of Slesh, and in some cases Ouroch) are worshipped together.
Allsalve Festival of healing and forgiveness, in which wrongs are forgiven and arguments settled. Considered an auspicious day to gather herbs.
Beastentide Celebrates the arrival of new-born sheep and cattle, and invokes Cerna to protect and nurture them. By tradition the healthiest lamb and/or calf is sacrficed.
Boughsbright Festival of trees, in which brightly-coloured ribbons are tied around the boughs and trunks of trees, and young men and women dance around the trunks of large trees.
Bullsblood Festival of strength, in which Ourochians slaughter bulls, and drink the blood to take on their strength for the next year.
Childesnight Young children are blessed, and all children are let off their daily tasks and allowed to play all day. Children often receive gifts.
Demonsdark As the nights lengthen, so the power of demons and witches grows. A night when evils creep through the world, and sensible people lock the door, and don’t stray outside between dusk and dawn.
Flensing The festival of pain, in which horrific tortures are enacted on kidnapped victims, and new entrants to the cult of Slesh are initiated.
Gildentide and Gildenight The twin festival of merchants and thieves. During the day, merchants and moneylenders pray for prosperity, and thank Melchi for the gift of wealth. During the night, thieves pray for good luck, and for easy access to the accumulated wealth of the merchant’s and money lenders, and thank Melchi for making the merchants rich enough to be worth stealing from.
Hammerstide In which tools are taken to the temples of Wissan, and blessed for the coming year. Money is customarily donated to support workmen who through injury or old age are unable to continue working.
Harpsong A celebration of song, music and poetry, in which new works are performed and new pieces unveiled.
Lampesnight The night after Demonsdark, lights and lanterns are lit, and fires built up, and are kept lit all night to keep the dark at bay. During the night, prayers are said for the dead, and for unborn children.
Scrivenstide All clerks, scriveners, scholars and sorcerors are given this day off to spend with their families, and prayers are given to Hesketh. Pens are blessed, and employers will leave small gifts for their clerks.
Soothspeak The Festival of Truth, during which no-one is allowed to tell any sort of falsehood, or practice any kind of deceit. Lawsuits are often brought on this day.
Tidesgreeting The festival of the sea and its bounty, when the springtide swells up, and Ulna is asked to protect fishermen and sailors, and provide for her followers. In inland areas, this is known as Riversrun, when Ulna is thanked for the continued running of the rivers, and the provision of their bounty.
Vassalmass On this day, vassals swear loyalty and obedience to their lords, and their lords swear to protect their people for the coming year, and rule them justly. An increasingly large festival, when nobles travel to swear their oaths before their kings.
Watchmoon This lasts for the last 2 weeks of Thawing, and is a sombre time of vigilance and strict morality, accompanied by fasting and daily prayers. Punishments for those caught breaking the law over this period are usually extremely severe.
Wheatsmass The festival of the harvest, in which Cerna is thanked for her bounty, and feasting and drinking goes on long into the night.

On the Reckoning of Days, Months and Years

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