The Chronicles of Caledain

2nd of Winterdeep

Having given Ordont over to the guardsmen, the adventurers returned to the High College to sleep.

The next morning, Vanator and Rib visited the Great Library in the temple of Hesketh, and here under the watchful eye of one of the priests, perused some of the works. In particular, Rib came across a copy of Di Maggio and Carribanus’s work On the Origin of the Races.

Meanwhile, Konrad explored Highwatch a little more, familiarising himself with the route to the secret passage, while Mirann visted some of her friends.

The party were then sent for by the High Council. They answered the summons, and were told that Kurdesh had challenged the city’s greatest champion to a single combat, although he attached no terms to the result of this fight. Having being assured by the adventurers that Kurdesh was, in his own way, honourable, they agreed to the combat, selecting the paladin Osric Tensteeds as their champion. They also decided to send the adventurers out with Sir Osric to negotiate with Kurdesh if it became necessary.

Osric and Kurdesh fought, and after a heroic battle, Sir Osric finally fell. Kurdesh, wounded, turned and returned to his camp. However Rib ran after him, asking what was going to happen now that Kurdesh had won.

Kurdesh replied that he had proven that he was stronger than the city’s greatest champion, and that he had nothing more to prove. Now, he and his army would turn west, towards Freymont and the home of the High Elves.



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