The Chronicles of Caledain

35th-36th of Nightlong

Konrad and Rib managed to re-enter Highwatch after the raid on the enemy camp. They rested briefly but were summoned to the Blue Cockerel, where the landlord, Hamble Torly, told them that someone had broken into one of the warehouses near the East Gate and stolen some flour that had been requisitioned for the defence.

Since it wasn’t his lot that had done it, and he has a vested interested in the continued survival of the city, he wants it stopped. To help the pair of them, he asked Mirann, a local girl, to accompany them, which she duly did.

Unfortunately, it transpired that they didn’t have a common language, so Mirann went to the near-deserted market place to hire a translator.

Meanwhile, Vanator was able to conceal himself, and after many miserable hours of waiting, was able to move, heading with expert stealth back to the ruined farmhouse which contained the tunnel into Highwatch. Passing back into the city and resting for a while, he went to find Rib and Konrad, eventually finding them in the eastern warehouse district. Vanator, able to speak Pedlar’s Cant was able to translate for Mirann.

As night fell, they kept a watch on the warehouses, until approaching midnight, Konrad spotted a group of men breaking into one of them. Gathering the others and keeping to the shadows, they began to follow.



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