The Chronicles of Caledain

36th of Nightlong-1st Winterdeep (Allgods)

The companions followed the gang of men, who were carrying their stolen wares in a handcart, to a house built next to the city wall. They observed them go inside, and saw that the house went quiet and dark.

They sneaked down a side alley that brought them to the back of the house, and Mirann picked the lock of the back door. However, in entering, Mirann stumbled, alerting two of the men, who came to see what the noise was.

Konrad killed one of them almost instantly, while Mirann wounded the other, who managed to flee. He headed through a trapdoor and down some stairs which led to the cellar. Here, the rest of the men were waiting, along with their employer, Walter Ordont, son of the head of the merchant’s guild, who had fallen foul of the adventurers before, while they were trying to locate Lady Helmlea’s stolen jewelry box.

A savage fight followed, and the companions soon won the upper hand. Walter fled through a door while his minions were being finished off. Following, they found themselves in an empty room, without apparent exits.

Vanator managed to find a secret door, but they were unable to work out how to open it. Giving up the attempt, they returned to the Blue Cockerel, where Torly congratulated them, told them that he owed them a favour, and wished them all a happy Allgods.



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