The Chronicles of Caledain

4th-8th of Rainsfall

After several days of dreary but uneventful travelling, they reached the village of Creely. As before it was abandoned, and had been thoroughly looted. However, the adventurers were still able to find some well-concealed torches that they used to light their way as they entered the mine.

They headed downwards, with Vanator leading the way. He took them down the side-tunnel which he knew ended in an illusory wall. However, when they got to the end of the passage, they found that the illusion had failed, leaving the hidden entrance to the tunnels below revealed.

Heading down the narrow, steeply-sloping passage, they eventually came to the bottom. Here Mirann noticed a few spent crossbow quarrels lying on the ground. Moving forwards, they came to the entrance into the broad main tunnel that had served the elves as a highway. Here they found a number of dead orcs, goblins and gnolls, many shot with elvish crossbows. A few albino elves were also among the dead.

Vanator turned right, leading the party towards the subterranean palace that they had been taken to a long time before. As they travelled along the ‘road’, they came across frequent signs of battle; spent arrows, fallen weapons and dead bodies, mostly of orcs and gnolls, but with the occasional elf as well.

They came to a side-tunnel which Vanator believed led to the palace, but could hear orcish voices. Peering down the corridor, they saw a small group of orcs busy looting the bodies of the fallen. They attacked the orcs, and after a brief skirmish defeated them. They then pressed on until they reached the entrance to the palace.

The great metal doors had been smashed inwards, and hung buckled and open on their hinges. Within was a large courtyard area, which had obviously been the site of a savage battle. The area was littered with bodies; orc, gnoll, goblin and elf. Across the courtyard were a second set of metal doors, and these too had been smashed in. Here a large number of orcs showed signs of having been burnt, possibly by magic.

Summoning up their courage, the adventurers prepared to enter.



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