The Chronicles of Caledain

8th of Rainsfall (Continued)

Stepping through the doors, they found themselves in a richly decorated, but thoroughly looted, entrance hall. Going left, they came to some rooms obviously intended for the entertainment of guests. They found more dead elves, these unarmed and unarmoured but richly dressed, and these rooms too had been pillaged. They also found an elf in a plain black tunic, the tips of whose ears had been cut off at some point in the past.

Going through a narrow door which had been hidden behind a tapestry before it had been torn down, they entered a corridor leading to a kitchen, and on to what appeared to be servant quarters. As before these rooms had been looted, and more dead elves were scattered about. Like the other, these were dressed in plain tunics, and had clipped ears, and the adventurers surmised that these were slaves or servants. One of the bodies found was wearing slightly better, but still plain, clothing and Vanator recognised him as the head servant in the palace.

Finding nothing else, they returned to the entrance hall and went right, following the corridor to a set of rooms that Vanator recognised as being the guest rooms that he, Keskiyo, Fred and Rib had stayed in. Passing through a sitting room, they entered a dining room, but here they encountered a small group of orcs, still looting and smashing. Agglack and Mirann leapt to the attack, but stumbled over a fallen chair. The orcs counter attacked, and a brief but vicious fight ensued. The first orc also tripped on the chair, unluckily impaling himself on Maskim’s outstretched sword. Maskim then easily dispatched the orc leader, but Mirann, vulnerable after having tripped, was badly wounded by an axe blow and fell to the ground bleeding heavily.

Agglack was wounded, but managed to defeat his opponent, while Maskim slew the orc that had felled Mirann. They then moved to help Mirann, but found that she had succumbed to her wounds and died of blood loss in the short time since she’d fallen. The adventurers paused for a moment to mourn their loss before continuing.



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