The Chronicles of Caledain

8th of Rainsfall (Final)

The unhinged elvish prince advanced, but Maskim charged forwardswith astounding speed,attack furiously. The elf skilfully parried and dodged and remained unhurt. He then gestured at Maskim, casting a spell of befuddlement that left him confused and unable to act.

Vanator attacked, but Gwydreth held him off easily. Agglack and Byron also entered the fray, but the elf’s inhuman speed and skill, and his excellently made armour, protected him. With Maskim still befuddled, Gwydreath attacked Vanator, wounding him. Vanator counter-attacked, but with devilish speed, the elf prince parried and riposted. Taken completely off-guard, Vanator was unable to avoid the blow, and Gwydreath rammed his blade deep into Vanator’s body. The elvish adventurer collapsed, bleeding heavily.

With Maskim ensorcelled, Vanator down and the elf prince as yet uninjured, things looked bleak. However, Byron and Agglack continued to attack, and the goblin succeeded in inflicting a shallow wound on the elf. Furious, Gwydreath turned on the goblin, blinding him with his magic. Terrified and helpless, Agglack retreated, groping his way into a corner where he lay unable to fight on.

Fortunately, it was at this point that Maskim was able to shake off the elf’s spell, and attacked with renewed fury. Gwydreath was taken by surprise, but was still able to avoid Maskim’s attacks. However, Byron was able to rush in while the elf was distracted and inflict a severe wound.

Becoming desperate, and more and more unhinged, Gwydreath disarmed Maskim by making the hilt of his sword burningly hot, but Maskim was able to draw his spare and continue the attack. Even outnumbered and wounded, Gwydreath fought with astounding skill, parrying, dodging and using his armour to deflect blows for some time. He attempted to weaken Maskim with his magic, but the human relied more on finesse than strength to fight with, and so was unaffected.

Byron was wounded twice as the battle continued to rage, and Maskim escaped injury only barely. Gwydreath was becoming berserk, hacking and ranting at his opponents. He hammered his blade aganst Maskim’s shield, driving the human back before slashing him savagely across the face, blinding him in his right eye. However, this once more gave Byron the chance to slip in past the prince’s defences, driving his sword into Gwydreath’s side.

Still unable to believe that he had been defeated, and all his plans thwarted, Gwydreathlaestion of the House Faramaeril finally fell. Instantly, the spell of blindness was lifted from Agglack, but alas, it was too late for Vanator, who had finally succumbed to his wounds, the last of the original adventurers who had been there at the very start of the events that had overtaken the Young Kingdoms.

With Kurdesh and Gwydreath dead, there was nothing left but for Maskim, Agglack and Byron to do but return to the surface, where there were already signs on a thaw, and the very air seemed lighter and cleaner than before.



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