The Chronicles of Caledain


Maskim, Byron and Agglack, having defeated Gwydrethlaestion and witnessed the downfall of the High Elves, headed back through the now-peaceful hills to find the Duke of Ironstone. After 2 days of travel, they came across the Duke’s army marching homewards. The Duke welcomed the news of the High Elves’ defeat. Byron informed him of what he had discovered regarding the identity of Kurdesh, but was advised to keep it secret.

The adventurers returned to Ironstone with the Duke and his army, and the next days were spent in feasting and celebration of the victory. Emmissaries from many of the nobles of Freymont arrived and spoke with the Duke. With the Mad King dead, and with no clear heirs, they offered the crown to him. The Duke retreated into a private conference with his chief nobles and advisors, and after some hours emerged and announced that he would accept.

News came from Arborland, that the army of the godswar had returned victorious. The High Council continued to rule in Highwatch until the king comes of age. Magelland Di Maggio was once again ordered under arrest on suspicion of his involvement in the assasination of the former king, but the wizard had escaped, and fled back to his homeland of Cinqueada.

Maskim and Byron also found themselves constantly being approached by minstrels and poets who wished to write songs and epics about their questing and journeying.

Plans for the coronation were set in motion, and the festivities continued. Maskim, Byron and even Agglack were invited to the ceremony in the temple of Auric, and witnessed the new King Balan the First make his oaths to protect the kingdom, and govern it justly and well. The nobles and knights of the kingdom then came forwards to swear their oaths of fealty, after which many of them were rewarded with new lands and titles for their parts in the battle.

Maskim, Byron and Agglack were then summoned one at a time, before the great and good of the kingdom, and offered rewards. Byron and Maskim had little to ask for, while Agglack demanded shiny things and food. Byron and Maskim were then both knighted for their services to the kingdom, and for the sacrifices they had made. It was also announced that Maskim’s cousin, the former bandit Hobb Dryden had been granted a pardon for his work in fighting the Mad King and sheltering the peole of Freymont, and had been named Warden of the Weirwood.

At the feast afterwards, they were given places of honour at the king’s table. During the feast, Byron was reunited with his lord, Sir Carlyn of Elmarsh, and told him what he had discovered about Sir Cyrden, Sir Carlyn’s father. The knight grew angry, insisting that Byron was mistaken, and that his father had died years before. Byron tried to persuade him of the truth, but eventually relented and agreed that he must have been mistaken.

After many more days of celebration, Agglack was gifted with treasure and food, and escorted south to the edge of the Deepwood, where he left the Young Kingdoms to return home. Byron and Maskim were offered positions in the king’s household. Byron was made Swordmaster to the King, and tasked with teaching his youngest son swordplay, which he gratefully accepted. Maskim was eager for a post that would keep him away from the boredom and bureaucracy of court, and was made a special agent of the king. With many of the northern Freyish lords refusing to acknowledge the new king’s rule, and much of the country depopulated and roamed by bandits and unempliyed mercenaries, there was a great deal for him to do. Added to this were rumours of orcs and goblins infesting the tunnels deep below the Hollow Hills, setting up their own subterranean kingdoms in the halls and palaces of the High Elves.

Many had died, including many heroes and comrades, but at last peace was largely restored, and slowly the ravaged and war-torn Young Kingdoms could begin to rebuild and heal. Thus were the machinations of the Shining Empire thwarted, and the Young Kingdoms saved, by the work of men and the grace of the gods.

Here end these Chronicles of Caledain.



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