• Luthien Metsa (Deceased)

    Luthien Metsa (Deceased)

    An elvish sorceress, who left her clan to travel the world with her twin sister, the warrior-cleric Keskiyo. She fell bravely in battle, during a raid on the enemy encampment, in an attempt to destroy their siege engines.
  • Maskim Dryden

    Maskim Dryden

    A minor priest and former woodsman. Pale skinned - almost white, with a shaved head and tattoos running down the right side of his face. Rather thin and lightly built. But with piercing blue eyes.
  • Mirann (deceased)

    Mirann (deceased)

  • Ribble Riverleaper (Deceased)

    Ribble Riverleaper (Deceased)

    A halfling priest of Ulna, goddess of seas, wind, rain and rivers, he left his woodland home to find the source of a nearby river. Following it into the Hollow Hills, he encountered Vanator and Keskiyo, and joined them in their travels.
  • Vanator Mallyr (Deceased)

    Vanator Mallyr (Deceased)

    An elvish scholar-swordsman, who was wondering the Young Kingdoms searching for knowledge of the ancient, continent-spanning Shining Empire, now long fallen.
  • Agglack


    A low-ranking goblin from a small tribe living in the ruins of an Elvish tower near the heart of the Deepwood.
  • Arldis Carribannus

    Arldis Carribannus

    A human wizard, elderly and cantankerous, with a wispy beard and hair, and perenially dusty, slightly threadbare robes.
  • Hamble Torly

    Hamble Torly

    Torly is a burly, bald man, almost always dressed in plain clothes and a white apron. He speaks quietly, and doesn't show a lot of emotion.
  • Hobb Dryden

    Hobb Dryden

    The leader of a band of outlaws living in the Weirwood in Freymont.
  • Kerekith Gwydreathlaestion Faramaeril (Deceased)

    Kerekith Gwydreathlaestion Faramaeril (Deceased)

    A high-ranking noble of the subterranean 'High Elves', and head of House Faramaer.
  • Keskiyo Metsa (Whereabouts Unknown)

    Keskiyo Metsa (Whereabouts Unknown)

    An elvish warrior-priestess of Cernnuna, goddess of plants, animals and hunting. She left her clan to wander the Young Kingdoms, meeting with Vanator Mallyr in the Hollow Hills. Following her recovery from a fever while in Highwatch, her whereabouts are
  • Konrad Fucius (deceased)

    Konrad Fucius (deceased)

    A Casterlandish mercenary and former sorcerer's aprentice, hideously scarred in a accident some years ago.
  • Kurdesh (Deceased)

    Kurdesh (Deceased)

    Champion of Ouroch and leader of the horde invading Arborland, Kurdesh is well over six feet tall, broad-shouldered with long brown hair and a thick beard. He speaks Freyish in a deep, cultured voice.
  • Lady Aurelia Helmlea

    Lady Aurelia Helmlea

    A noblewoman of Arborland, Lady Helmlea is in her 40s, but still reasonably attractive. She has blonde hair and is usually well-dressed.
  • Magellan DiMaggio

    Magellan DiMaggio

    The Arch-Chancellor of the High College of Sorcery in Highwatch. DiMaggio is in his late 50s or early 60s, with tanned skin and dark hair that is only just starting to grey.
  • Sir Osric Tensteeds (Deceased)

    Sir Osric Tensteeds (Deceased)

    An Arborish knight, and a High Templar of Auric, Sir Osric is tall and powerfully-built, with blonde hair and beard. He is usually seen wearing armour, covered with the plain white surcoat of the Templars.
  • The High Council of Arborland

    The High Council of Arborland

    The ruling council of the kingdom of Arborland.
  • Walter Ordont

    Walter Ordont

    The spoilt son of the head of the Merchants' Guild