A low-ranking goblin from a small tribe living in the ruins of an Elvish tower near the heart of the Deepwood.


Agglack was a member, and only survivor, of a warband that ambushed the party during their search for the Crown of Hesketh. In exchange for his life, he led them to the ruined Elvish tower in which his tribe lived, a journey of several days.

During this time, he struck up a friendship with Rib, whom he viewed with curiosity, having never before seen a halfling. Having reached the tower, and the goblin settlement, the party fought and slew Agglack’s chieftain, Uglut, before heading down into the dungeons beneath. With Uglut and his chief henchmen dead, Agglack took control of the tribe.

When Kurdesh started gathering his horde, Agglack’s tribe was forced to join him. Acting as scouts and raiders, Agglack once more met the party as they came south to reconnoitre Kurdesh’s army. He left his troops to continue their looting and raiding, and helped the party infiltrate the enemy camp. Here, they came face to face with Kurdesh, who agreed to let them go, but determined to kill Agglack for treachery and desertion. Jurgen challenged him to a contest of strength for Agglack’s life, and won. Agglack left the camp with the party and travelled with them back to Highwatch.

When Kurdesh’s troops arrived and the siege began Rib helped Agglack sneak out of the city. He has not been seen since.


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