Konrad Fucius (deceased)

A Casterlandish mercenary and former sorcerer's aprentice, hideously scarred in a accident some years ago.


Brawn 10
Coordination 11 16
Know 12
Wits 8
Per 4

RS 19 24
DUR 15
Power 10

Ambidextrous 1 - 12 17
Clubman (warhammer) 3 - 14 19
Strongman 1 - 11
Evasion 1 - 12 17
Sorcerer 2 - 14
Crossbow 1 - 12 17
Language 1 (Frey) - 13
Stealth 1 - 12 17
Offhand (axeman) 1 - 12 17

Deflect 1
Key 1
Sleep 1
Balm 2
Shadow 2
Jump 3

A severe leg injury (-5 coordination)


Young human named Konrad Fucius. Or that is the name he now goes by.

The bastard son of minor nobility, his mother had fallen in love with a stable hand, it did not end well.

At a very young age he was sent to a sorcerer as an apprentice, once it was decided that he was not priest material.

He did not take well to learning having little interest and being more interested in less moral endeavors. One day arriving slightly the worse for wear to his master/teacher an accident occurred while he was getting one of many beratings the resulting fire/explosion caused him some considerable scarring and he was thrown out by his master.

Having nowhere else to go he went to his uncle (his mother having ‘decided’ to take up holy orders) who was less then thrilled to see him. But being hospitable he took him in. Within a few days he was out hunting with his family. What followed was a horrific accident. After this latest misfortune he fled the land. It may have been an accident but he could not stay and there would be those who would doubt how accidental it was.

In disgrace he went from place to place until finally ending up in Fallowmire.

The young disgraced sorcerer was at his lowest and bound to end up at a sticky end. Then as fate would have it things took a brighter turn. Turning his hand to theft he tried his hand at pick-pocketing. His first try was very unsuccessful but his intended target saw something in him. Taken under the wing of an experienced/grizzled mercenary who showed him the ropes. Turned him onto the a new path. Gave him a set of guidelines to follow. Taught him skills to allow him to make his own way in the world.

Recently his mentor was contracted to deliver a package, a message from the beleagured Duke of Reith, begging for help from the king of Arborland. The contract called for an additional hand hence Konrad going along to assist.

Enroute to Highwatch, within sight of the two lofty towers of the city, they were ambushed by Freyish troops. Konrad, with the message, managed to fight clear but his master fell. Konrad managed to reach the city walls, where he persuaded the guards of his purpose, and was allowed to enter.

Konrad Fucius (deceased)

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