Kurdesh (Deceased)

Champion of Ouroch and leader of the horde invading Arborland, Kurdesh is well over six feet tall, broad-shouldered with long brown hair and a thick beard. He speaks Freyish in a deep, cultured voice.


It is known that Kurdesh was once a knight from Freymont, who was part of an expeditionary force that marched into the Deepwood to attack the orcs and goblins that lived there. This force was ambushed, and its members killed or taken prisoner.

Kurdesh was captured and made a slave, and lived for several years performing back-breaking physical labour. One day, he turned on is owner, killing him with his bare hands, expecting to be killed in her turn. Instead, the orcs, impressed by the strength and ferocity he had displayed, made him a member of their clan, and inducted him into the cult of Ouroch, taking the name he now bears.

In the constant tribal warfare that raged deep within the forests, Kurdesh excelled in strength, ferocity and bloodlust, rising through the ranks of both his tribe and the cult of Ouroch, eventually being recognised as Ouroch’s chosen champion. Tales of his might drew more and more tribes to join him, and while others were forced to whether they wanted to or not, and Kurdesh soon gathered a mighty host of orcs, gnolls and goblins. He was contacted by the high elves, ho urged him to attack Arborland. He led his armies across the Redrush and into southern Arborland, pillaging, killing and burning.

While encamped here, Kurdesh encountered the adventurers when they sneaked into his tent. Rather than slaughter them, they talked, and Kurdesh learnt much about the high elves. Kurdesh, allowed them to go free, except for the goblin Agglack, who had led them into the camp and so was to be executed. Jurgen challenged Kurdesh to a trial of strength which, unthinkably, he won. Grudgingly, Kurdesh allowed them all to leave.

Some days later, he and his horde arrived outside Highwatch and attacked. His initial attack were repulsed, and his siege engines were mostly destroyed. Then, Walter Ordont offered to let him into the city, which Kurdesh considered an affront to his honour and an insult to his strength. He summoned the adventurers and handed Walter over, at the same time admitting to a crisis of faith since his defeat by Jurgen. They urged him to turn on the high elves instead.

Kurdesh (Deceased)

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