Lady Aurelia Helmlea

A noblewoman of Arborland, Lady Helmlea is in her 40s, but still reasonably attractive. She has blonde hair and is usually well-dressed.


A human noblewoman of Arborland, and the widow of the late Lord Helmlea, she fled north from her estates when Kurdesh’s army first emerged from the forests and crossed the Redrun.

Virtually penniless, she arrived in Highwatch and took lodgings. Lady Helmlea was secretly a worshipper of Slesh, god of pain, torture and murder, and joined the local cult, bringing with her her rare and extremely valuable copy of the Book of Ten Thousand Torments, which she meant to present to them on the night of Flensing. However, the box it was hidden inside was stolen, and she hired the adventurers to retrieve it. In the process, they discovered the book and confronted her. Having failed to have them killed, she bargained for her life, giving them the location of the cult’s temple in exchange for her freedom. She was last seen riding away from Highwatch.

Lady Aurelia Helmlea

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