Magellan DiMaggio

The Arch-Chancellor of the High College of Sorcery in Highwatch. DiMaggio is in his late 50s or early 60s, with tanned skin and dark hair that is only just starting to grey.


Magellan DiMaggio hails from the Eastern Kingdoms, where he studied sorcery before coming to Arborland to join the High College. He swiftly worked his way up the ranks to become Arch-Chancellor, a position which comes with a seat on the High Council of Arborland.

DiMaggio was attacked and imprisoned by a demonic entity, and kept under an illusion spell in a cage in his own audience room for several months before the adventurers arrived and rescued him.

DiMaggio has been accused of plotting against King Leodan VI, and he, or another being in his form, tried to persuade Vanator Mallyr to assasinate the late king ‘for the good of the kingdom’. As a result of this, he was declared a traitor and besieged with the College. When the king was killed by the warrior-priest Jurgen Wolfborn and the city was besieged by the horde of Kurdesh, DiMaggio was granted a reprieve, and reinstated on the High Council until the current tumults are ended.

DiMaggio co-authored the book ‘On the Origin of the Races’ with Arldis Caribannus.

Magellan DiMaggio

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