Maskim Dryden

A minor priest and former woodsman. Pale skinned - almost white, with a shaved head and tattoos running down the right side of his face. Rather thin and lightly built. But with piercing blue eyes.


Coordination - 18
Brawn - 8
Wits - 5
Per. - 5
Knowledge - 14

Sorceror - 5 - 19
Priest - 1 - 15
Language - 1 - 15 (Elf)
Language - 1 - 15 (Ancient Elf)
Language - 1 - 15 (Pedlar’s Cant)
Detection - 1 - 6
Evasion - 1 - 19
Swordsman - 2 - 20
Parrying Weapon (Shield) - 2 - 20
Strongman - 1 - 9
Woodsman - 1 - 6
Region dweller: Hollow Hills - 1 - 15

Divine Spells
Balm - 1
Enchant weapon - 2

Magic Spells
Dart - 1
Gust - 1
Lock - 1
Sleep - 1
Shadow - 2
Greater illusion - 4
Wall of Fire - 5


‘Most people don’t remember their birth. I do.
I felt the cold steel of the knife as it slid down beside me as I slept warm and safe inside my mother’s belly. I felt the hot river of my mother’s blood flowing as it hemorrhaged from her ruptured womb. I felt her cold, salty tears spatter my tiny face as she cradled me in her long-nailed hands. I felt the cold earth cover my skin as she piled it over me. She wanted me dead and gone.
But I didn’t die.
I felt all of it. The years have not dimmed the memories. I remember every sound, every movement, and every instant of my first minutes in the world.
I’ve learned a lot in the years since. I’ve learned of the gods, of nations vying against each other, how to manipulate the energies of the world itself. But all of it means nothing to me. It’s not my world.
One day I’ll stand in front of my mother and I’ll ask her why she did what she did.
She will give me an answer. This I swear.’

Pale skinned- almost white, with a shaved head and tattoos running down the right side of his face. He also has a tattoo on his left arm, which he tries to keep covered at all times. It is beautiful, a blue ivy design containing the following elvish words:
‘This idiot has no idea what these words mean’
Rather thin and lightly built. But with piercing blue eyes.
He wears a chain around his neck from which dangles a strange ring (but this is usually under his clothing). And he carries a knife of a strange alien design (not of human forging), which he has never used. It has but one purpose.

Maskim is a fighter. He is lucky. He needed both to survive coming into this world.
He was discovered, as a newborn (and near death), by a woodsman, who was out hunting. This was in the borderland where the Weir Woods and the Hollow Hills merge into each other. He, but a babe, had been left for dead. If the woodsman had not been able to quickly get the babe to his wife (a priestess of Ulna), even this discovery would have been for naught.
A troubled child he was raised by the woodsman, a former soldier/outlaw, (Halmar Dryden). But despite the care and concern of his adoptive father, young Maskim was continually distressed by his nightmares. Whether these were true memories, or just nightmares conjured by the horrific way he came into this world, no one could know.
There was little that Halmar was able to tell him of his origins. There is a ring with a strange emblem, which was buried with him. A knife of strange design and forging that was lying bloodied close to what would have been his grave.
(Woodsman, Region dweller: Hollow Hills, )
As he grew up Halmar trained Maskim as best he could, in what he knew: the ways of the forest. Maskim showed much promise, but was slow to react. However when he did strike it was with an almost abnormal speed.
(Period 1 – Outdoorsman: Evasion, Strongman and Swordsman. Free points: Shield
No mishaps)

His wife ensured that Maskim was raised with proper respect for the gods. Maskim proved to be an able student. Even though he placed undue emphasis on her aspect of the storm goddess. Even at such a young age he showed his devotion and was soon ordained, and assisting his adoptive mother in her duties.
(Period 2 – Priest: Priest and Language: Pedlar’s Cant.
No mishaps)

But Maskim was driven to find out his origins. There was a strange old man (Ahmed) who lived as a hermit in the woods. He was said by many to be a warlock, and because of the colour of his skin, half demon. But Halmar said this was nonsense, and would often stop by to talk and provide the old man with food, and other little things, when he could spare them.
Maskim was curious and gradually worked up the courage to introduce himself. Ahmed was amused at finding a youngster who was not afraid of him. And laughed at Maskim’s first question (‘Are you a demon’), laughing even more at Maskim’s obvious disappointment when he replied in the negative.
Over time Maskim came to see this ‘demon’ almost like a grandfather. Maskim found the old man fascinating and an excellent storyteller. And he, in turn, showed Maskim how to manipulate the Universe, and much more.
Maskim was an eager student, and gradually Ahmed was willing to show him greater levels of knowledge that his predecessors had hoarded.
(Period 3 – Academic: Sorcerer and Language: Ancient Elf. Free Points: Sorceror.
No mishaps)

Ahmed was impressed by his eager student. But Maskim had a drive to find out knowledge that would aid him in his quest. Ahmed felt there was someone who might be able to help him and provided him with a letter of introduction to another sorceror. Harbor had his doubts but agreed to let his adoptive son go out into the world on his own.
The fellow scholar, Thallan, was an elf! He had reservations about taking on a human as a student, but was impressed by how much such a short lived human had managed to learn in such a short time.
Thallan taught Maskim much about the powers of magic, and found him to be an enthusiastic student. But once again could do nothing to aid him in his quest regarding his heritage.
Maskim was not the only student that Thallan had, the others where however all elves. After his first attempt ended in humiliation he gave up any attempts to garner a friendship. But he learnt a valuable lesson: never to trust anyone to easily.
(Period 4 – Academic: Sorcerer and language: elf. Free points – Sorcerer.
No mishaps)

Thallan travelled the young kingdoms from place to place calling no country his home. His eager student travelled with him taking every opportunity to increase his knowledge. But never could he find any hint of where he had come from. All the mystical knowledge that he had accumulated was proving to be of little help. And his teacher would just tell him something that he had often heard in his young life: ‘Have patience’. But that was not a virtue that Maskim had any intention of acquiring.
(Period 5 – Academic: Sorcerer and Detection
No mishaps)

It was then that Maskim received a message from Ahmed. It was months old by the time it caught up with him, but it contained troubling news. The forces of the mad Freyish King had seized his adoptive parents. Many other innocents had also been captured, but this was of little concern to Maskim. He had little family in this world, and he was not going to let something happen to his parents.
He bid his teacher farewell and made his way back to Freymont. He pressed on at speed and prayed that he would not be too late.
And if he was late then he would ensure that retribution would be forth coming to whomever he felt was responsible.

Maskim Dryden

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