Sir Osric Tensteeds (Deceased)

An Arborish knight, and a High Templar of Auric, Sir Osric is tall and powerfully-built, with blonde hair and beard. He is usually seen wearing armour, covered with the plain white surcoat of the Templars.


Sir Osric helped the party battle the hidden cult of Sleshites that had formed within Highwatch. A powerful fighter, he was one of those serving as a guard to the king when Leodan was assasinated by Jurgen, and now views the rest of the party with undisguised suspicion and hostility.

Ten years ago, during the Year of Winter when orcs and gnolls invaded Arborland, King Leodan V led an army to drive them back, defeating them at the Battle of the Marsh. During this battle, the young Sir Osric, only recently made a Templar of Auric, had ten horses killed under him, but each time fought off his attackers and managed to secure a new mount, winning the praise of his superiors, and his name.

It was Sir Osric who was chosen to answer Kurdesh’s challenge of single combat on behalf of the city of Highwatch, and after a heroic battle, in which he severely injured his opponent, Sir Osric was killed.

Sir Osric Tensteeds (Deceased)

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